The First NBC Special: Houdini’s Water Torture Cell Conclusion

As we reach the end of this legendary moment in magic history, the seconds are counting down and down. Doug, sealed in, begins the almost impossible job of escaping from a seemingly watery grave. Would he make it out alive? Or would 50 million people watch a man drown on live television?

All your questions are about to be revealed….

Doug in Cell
Doug Sealed In
Curtains Up
The Curtain is Raised
Curtains Up 2
Back View of Curtain
Assistant Runs on with Ax
Cell Vanishes
Curtains Drop
Doug Reveal
Doug, as the assistant, Triumphant!
Gene Kelly Shaking Hands
Gene Kelly Speechless

And that magic fans is that. Did you ever really doubt he would escape?

In hindsight, it’s interesting to note the twist that Doug added to the illusion. In Houdini’s version, the master escape artist would stumble out from behind the curtains wet and battered. However, in Doug’s version the Torture Cell itself disappears revealing Doug to be the ax wielding assistant. Not to shabby if you ask me. Just ask Gene Kelly. Allegedly he was so stunned he lost track of where he was on the cue cards.

As I mentioned in the first of this series, Doug’s life changed forever after this special. He was no longer Doug Henning, star of “The Magic Show.” He was Doug Henning, master illusionist, an equal of Houdini, and an idol to magic fans across the world! 

Not bad for a kid from Canada.

Doug Good Bye

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