“World of Magic IV” Unseen Photos: Part One

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A Concluding Chat with John Gaughan

As the day concluded, John and I went into his collection room which houses a vast and impressive array of magic artefacts stretching back over two hundred years. As you read this short interview, it’s important to note that Doug worked with the true best of the best in magic. It certainly was a team…

John Gaughan: More Trunk Illusion Videos

      Hasn’t this been great? If you’ve been enjoying it so far, be sure not to miss tomorrow’s concluding sit down interview with John. See you then. Once again thank you for Jeffrey Chang for all his help!

Brooke Shields Trunk Illusion

On December 14, 1978 Doug Henning presented his fourth special “World of Magic” live on NBC. While this special is memorable for many reasons, one of the highlights was the reveal of his co-host for the evening Brooke Shields. For those who need a refresher please check out the first two minutes of the special…