New Doug Etsy “It’s Magic” T-Shirt!

For all those looking to be the coolest kids on the block, look no further than this new shirt featured on Etsy. If you look at the fine print, the shirt is uniquely characterized as a “Magician Mystical Fantasy David Copperfield Hipster Weird Magician Canadian Gift.” I don’t think there’s any argument that with a…

“It’s an Illusion” T-Shirt!

Let’s face it…there’s not a lot of new Doug merchandise out there these days. So, when something new pops up it’s definitely worth a mention. Not least of which an “It’s an Illusion” t-shirt! Designed by Blair Gauntt and available via the website Redbubble, this t-shirt highlights Doug at his absolute and wonder filled best….

New Doug Henning T-Shirt

While perusing that vast oasis called the “internet,” I came across this new and stunning t-shirt for sale. Sometimes words aren’t necessary, and this is not an exception! Enjoy! For more information please visit: HERE  

Tour and Show T-Shirts: Part One

Enjoy this plethora of vintage Henning T-shirt swag courtesy of Michael Whitecar. As you can see, each one truly represents a unique era and phase of Doug’s career.  Collect that All!