Cherish Alexander Interview: Part Three

Copyright: Cherish Alexander

What was it like working with the other celebrities in the special?

I was so young at the time so I didn’t really know any of them professionally…yet as people they were all funny, kind and so sweet with me. Especially,  Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner, we laughed a lot together. All in all, they looked out for me, and gave me good advice on and off set.

Do you have any favorite illusions that you were a part of?

The Cheerleading illusion was a lot of fun…. Although, I can’t tell you much more, or I’ll spoil the trick. My favorite illusion was the Carousel scene where the black and white horse became one (into a zebra)…That was such a memorable day filming on Mickey Rooney’s farm.

Are there any moments that stick out for you on camera or off?

One memory is meeting Lucille Ball in the hallways of NBC. Her manager came to my mom, and said Ms. Ball would like to meet your daughter after her show. Our sound stage was next to Johnny Carson, and she was about to make her last appearance as we know it on his show. I remember walking up to her in a wheelchair, and she had bright red hair, and she shook my hand and gave me a smile. I will never forget it, and said “Nice to meet you young lady,” and proceeded to give me life advice. To this day, I have a snapshot of that encounter so clear in my memories. I also remember when the show came out being super fascinated by the Narrator of the show who was Orson Welles.

As an adult looking back on it, what do you take away now from that experience as a whole?

Looking back today on being part of Doug Henning’s World of Magic TV show, I’ve reflected on what a HUGE influence it’s had on who I am, and how I’ve grown up as an artist and human being. His portrayal of magic was not just a trick, but a belief system in yourself, and others. And that’s the true magic within reach for everyone. 

What are you working on now?

You can check out my latest project CHANGE CAN START WITH ME…(It was) written and directed by myself, and was awarded an honorable mention at the Cannes World Film Festival.

Songwriting is my passion. At the moment I’m focusing on creating music from the inside out. Something is being born in the near future, I just can’t put it into words yet? Existing somewhere between the magic of the known and the unknown.

Cherish Alexander, thank you so much. 

For more information on Cherish, please visit her website: HERE

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