Doug Henning and His World of Lookalikes! Part Three

And today concludes the “Doug Henning Lookalike Hall of Fame.” Granted it was a somewhat goofy deep dive into fandom. However, how many magicians do you know of that had such a distinctive look it leant itself to a costume? Not many, if at all really.

That’s our Doug for you!

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  1. Johnny Ould says:

    Well, all of these Doug Henning Lookalikes somewhat look in one way or another like Doug… but there was only ONE Doug Henning back in the early days when we were young and ambitious. He went on to change the look of magic and we are all grateful for that, though some take it a bit too far these days. I ventured on to enhance the lives of children in my pathway.
    He was a good friend to many of us and inspired us all to be better entertainers and move along our chosen paths in the best ways possible.
    Doug inspired these tribute artists of different talents to come forth and remind us of the Doug Henning we came to love and enjoy over the years.
    As far as the best of the lot, for me, the Lookalike in the final picture, could be related for all I know, but that is my choice.
    Thanks Neil for your take on…
    The Wonderful World of Doug Henning Lookalikes!


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