Max Maven (1950-2022)

Word came early yesterday that the great mentalist Max Maven passed away at the all too young age of 71. 

Maven, a legend in magic, meant many things for many people within the community. He was an artist, mentor, friend, historian, writer, and above all, a consummate performer. One that broke down what came before him, and then revitalized the art form for a whole new generation of admirers and audiences.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Max a few years ago for my upcoming documentary of Doug. He was as charming and generous with his knowledge and time as you would expect. Having known Doug, Max offered a unique perspective that only he could give. I will forever be impressed he did it all with no prior knowledge of the questions about to be asked, and they were flawless. 

I look forward to sharing his interview when the film is released. Thank you Max.

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