Doug TV Rehearsal Space Photo-1976

Copyright: Brian Lumley

Hey Everyone! My apologies for the unexpected two- week break. Life, a new baby, and work got the better of things…as they can do. But, I’m rested, relaxed, and ready to give you the best in all things Henning. 

For starters, Brian Lumley recently provided me with this truly great candid photo. Taken during rehearsals for “World of Magic 76,” it shows a clearly happy Doug and company relaxing over a meal. Seated next to Doug is Glenn Priest, one of Doug’s two right hand men at that time. In addition to Brian Lumley, Glenn was responsible for everything technical you saw on screen pertaining to Doug’s illusions.  No easy feat to be sure!

I’ve been fortunate to have Brian talk to the website a bit about his experiences with Doug. Unfortunately,  Glenn Priest has since passed away, but his impact on Doug’s career and magic as a whole is undeniable. 

Special Thanks to Brian Lumley

The above photo is the property of Brian Lumley. Any requests for reproduction must be addressed to him. 

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