Longview Daily News (12/19/1975)-World of Magic ’75

I like this vintage article for many reasons. Not least of which are the pictures which aren’t often seen. The one immediately below, and the two at the end, were taken while Doug was in rehearsals at 75 Ninth Avenue in Manhattan.

I also enjoy how this article gives the show the gravity and respect the special deserved. A lot of articles of the time that covered kind of regurgitated a lot of information gleaned off of press releases. However, this one has Doug front and center, with a full description of the coming night’s event. 

Keen-eyed readers may also see that Orson Welles was due to introduce Doug and perform that evening. Needless, to say Welles bowed out, leaving Gene Kelly to fill the Emcee role. 

Original Article: Page 1
Original Article: Page 2

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  1. bhlumley says:

    Very good photos of the ceiling of the 8th floor of 75 9th Ave. You can see how basic our set-up was.

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