MDA Telethon Appearance-August 31, 1975

Today’s video was recently posted on the MDA Telethon You Tube channel. It’s part of a playlist of magicians that appeared on Jerry Lewis’ eponymous telethon over the years. Of course, Doug had to make the cut!

Originally broadcast on August 31, 1975, Doug appears with his “Magic Show” co-star Dale Soules. In it, the two perform Houdini’s classic illusion “Metamorphosis” which had a featured part in the show. 

It’s a great visual record of the “Magic Show” itself, and if you squint your eyes, you can even see musician Paul Schaffer in the background on keyboard. As he was part of the original “Magic Show” band, this is as close to seeing the original production on video as you can get. 

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  1. bhlumley says:

    This telethon was right at the beginning of our preparations for his upcoming World of Magic debut. The timing was right to start off his next series of commercials for NBC.

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