Original “Merlin” Contract

Today I thought I’d present something not really magical. But, very necessary in the creation of “Merlin,” one of its original contracts. 

The tumultuous tale of “Merlin” has been told many times elsewhere on this blog. It’s a long cautionary one of a revolving door of talent that made its way to Broadway in 1983. In fact, eagle-eyed readers will note that this contract lists Frank Dunlop as the director, and it is Dunlop who indeed signs it. Well, fate seemed to want Ivan Reitman as the show’s director, and that’s what eventually happened. 

Anyway, get out those magnifying glases, and enjoy Doug Henning’s ” World of Fine Print.”

Special Thanks to Michael Johnson and his excellent book “Magician Doug Henning Collectibles Guide.” To purchase, please visit the link below: 


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