Tonight Show: 1984 Firedome Appearance

In November of 2018, I posted this appearance of Doug on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show.” This nine minutes  from 1984 is notable for the amount of illusions and time Doug puts into it. From the “Firedome,”to simple sleight of hand, it’s a great clip overall. So, you can imagine my disappointment, when You Tube eventually took it down some time ago.

However,  fear not, as I recently came back into possession of the clip, and am permanently putting it back on the site. As I ended the original post in 2018:

“So, journey back to a simpler time in late night TV. This was a time where Carson was king, and Henning reigned supreme. We were just lucky to go along for the ride.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, beautiful!


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