“Chou Chou” Signed Window Card

The above item is a signed window card from when, for a time, Doug was known as Chou Chou, the “Magical Little Shoe Maker.”

Doug’s purpose in this 15 minute consumer presentation was to perform his various illusions at malls throughout Canada. All the while, a speaker would extol the virtues and benefits of Canadian made shoe wear.

It’s a little known early prologue to Doug’s career, and one where merchandise and pictures from it are very rare. It’s also a look that for Doug that is probably best he didn’t keep. 

Special thanks to the Instagram account of the former “Houdini Museum of NYC” for posting this on their  account. For current information on the museum please visit: Houdini Revealed.

Thanks to Michael Whitecar for the splash page photo


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  1. bhlumley says:

    Doug and Mars both performed as Chou Chou, (pronounced Shou Shou). Doug had lung operations in 1971 & 72 and Mars took his place.

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