The Doug Henning Magic Fan Club Newsletter-Spring 1982

Today’s post is something never seen before on “The Doug Henning Project.” It’s Doug’s Official Fan Club newsletter. 

Appearing, once or twice a year, the newsletter kept rapt members updated on the comings and goings of Doug’s career. This one in particular details his appearance on “Night of 100 Stars,” and also something called “Merlin.” Hmmm, I wonder whatever happened with that?

Also, for those wondering, the Debbie that signs the newsletter isn’t Debbie Henning. It’s Debbie Kirsner, Doug’s secretary. So, enjoy the glory pre-internet days of Xeroxed fan club newsletters! 


Special Thanks to Michael Johnson. Today’s image is  from his excellent book, “Magician Doug Henning Collectibles Guide.” To purchase please visit the link below:

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