Cort Theater Renaming

In bitter sweet, but also happy news, comes word last week that Broadway’s “Cort Theater” will be getting a rename in the near future.

During COVID, the theater has been undergoing an extensive and long overdue renovation and expansion. However, once the construction is completed, the theater will be renamed for legendary actor, James Earl Jones. It’s a well earned honor for this venerable actor, who has touched many over the years through his stage and movie work. Oh, and, of course, a little film called “Star Wars.”

The Cort Theater was also the home to “The Magic Show” from 1975-1979. It goes without saying, this building is a living monument to the start of Doug’s fame and impact on the world. However, even though the Cort’s name will be magically disappearing soon, the memories of “The Magic Show,” and Doug’s time there are forever!

For more information please click: HERE

Splash page photo courtesy of Brian Lumley

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  1. bhlumley says:

    Good to hear the building is still there.


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