Vegetarian Times Cover Story-Feb. 1985

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope your holiday season went spectacularly, and we’re all rested and ready for what 2022 has in store. Here’s hoping for good things as the website enters its fifth year!

The above cover is one I sadly don’t have the article for. The magazine itself was up for auction last month on EBay. While I continually tried to get it, someone definitely wanted it much more. That’s for sure!

Anyway, while the cover is an image we have all seen before. The article itself focuses obviously on Doug’s passion for healthy living though the food we eat. This was something he didn’t always talk about in interviews. If anyone has this article I’d love to see it. PM me if you do. 

Special Thanks to Michael Johnson and his excellent book “Magician Doug Henning Collectibles Guide.” To purchase, please visit the link below:

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