Telescope 1972 Clip- Doug, Mars, and a Magic Wand!

The above clip once again comes from the CBC 1972 program “Telescope.” I have great love for this documentary overall, and one of the standouts for me in this scene is seeing Doug’s then assistant/girlfriend Mars Barrick on film. 

Mars is generally seen in a lot of early publicity photos of Doug in this early time in his career. However, to my knowledge this is one of, if not the only, time that we hear Mars talking. 

It’s a whimsical moment for sure, but it also shows Doug’s great work ethic and overall devotion to his craft.

Special Thanks to Stuart MacLeod at:

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  1. Brian H. Lumley says:

    The Doug and Maya performing the Dancing Canes opened Spellbound. When it came to The Magic Show, Grover wanted them for the dancers. This became an issue until Doug saw what the dancers could do with them.


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