Doug’s First Letter to Dai Vernon

The above letter, as featured in “The Essential Dai Vernon,” is Doug’s initial contact with Vernon to inquire if the esteemed magician might mentor Doug during his time at Los Angeles’ Magic Castle.

It goes without saying that Vernon accepted, and due in no small measure to Vernon, Doug blossomed under his tutelage. The rest is history as they say, but not without a bit of finagling to get there!

Special Thanks to Greg Gleason

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  1. Brian H, Lumley says:

    A very informative letter. Thank you Neil and Greg.


  2. Brian H. Lumley says:

    A very informative letter, thank you Neil and Greg.

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  3. Patrice Meunier says:

    Thank you for sharing this piece of history. The letter is dated 1971 and in 1974, Doug became a Broadway star with The Magic Show. It is hard to imagine the huge amount of work it took from Doug to obtain such stardom in 3 years.

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