Scholastic Newstime-October, 1974

The above cover comes from the October 17th, 1974 issue of “Scholastic Newstime.” The graphic design work of this cover is really on point, and one of the most distinctive images of Doug that I’ve seen. 

If you get out a magnifying glass and squint, you can even make out the fine print stretching around the top. It reads:

“This mod magician is Doug Henning. He is (the) star of “The Magic Show, “on stage in New York City. Science figures into many of his tricks. Now you can try some science magic.”

“Mod magician? “Science Magic?” Well, these are terms that aren’t generally applied to Doug. But, hey, for such a great cover, I’ll take it!

Special Thanks to Michael Johnson. Images from last week, this week, and beyond are from his excellent book “Magician Doug Henning Collectibles Guide.” To purchase please visit the link below:

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