Potter and Potter: September 11th Magic Auction

For all those looking for Doug items in a future Potter & Potter auction then look no further than this coming September 11th. 

Both items are nothing new or groundbreaking in terms of Doug collecting. However, what they do represent are two of the most iconic and influential posters in Doug’s career. 

First up, seen above is the legendary Seymour Chwast 1974 poster advertising “World of Magic ’75.” The poster itself has become the stuff of legend, and gave TV audiences only a hint of what awaited them that evening. 

However, if you’re searching for more 1970s trippiness  than how about this beauty?

Straight from the Cort Theatre, it’s “The Magic Show’s” original poster designed by David Byrd. This poster, more than any other, truly defined the public’s perception of what Doug was and represented at that time. 

So, what do you say? Any interested bidders?

Fore more information visit the Potter & Potter website: HERE

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