World of Magic ’75: Water Torture Cell Finale in Full

Folks, as I teased earlier in the week, this is it! I present to you what is probably the most famous moment in Doug’s career, Houdini’s Water Torture Cell. Fifty million people tuned in live to watch the finale to Doug’s first special. To say they got their money’s worth was an understatement!

It’s worth noting that during the presentation Gene Kelly was very much reading cue cards. That is until the final moment, where he (along with a gasping audience) is visibly floored at Doug’s shocking escape and loses track of them. 

It’s a moment in magic history that has never been forgotten. However, I find it odd that 46 years later the moment isn’t more remembered in television history itself.  “World of Magic 75” is still one of the most watched television shows of all time, and it is the best special as far as I’m concerned. The live energy and excitement of the show is palpable all these years later!

But, enough of me, ladies and gentlemen Doug Henning!

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