Jim Steinmeyer Website: Doug Henning Items for Sale

For those readers who are looking for more Doug Henning merchandise in their lives, look no further!

Master illusion designer, author, and Doug protege Jim Steinmeyer’s website is selling select items from Doug’s touring days. They’re all really nice pieces from the 1980s, and while some of you may have seen them before, others may be marveling at these for the first time. Without a doubt, it’s definitely classic Doug!

Please note that I make no money off of these websites, or am working in conjunction with them. If I see something Doug related that I think is of value, I post it on the site for others to be aware of. I’m only mentioning this because I occasionally get questions of this nature from readers or Facebook administrators. 

For more info on these items and Jim Steinmeyer’s website please visit: HERE


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