World of Magic 1976: Water Levitation/Fire Hoop in Full

World of Magic: 1976

I had been going through my archives not quite sure what to put up today. However, it dawned on me why not put up one of the most tranquil six minutes in magic you can find?

Doug performed the Water Levitation and Fire Hoop many times over his career. However, in “World of Magic 1976” the ease and calmness he had while performing it filtered down to the live audience and, in turn, the viewers at home. 

So, why don’t you pull up a chair and a cup of tea, and ease yourself to a far less simpler and pleasant time in television history. 

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  1. Patrice Meunier says:

    Amazing illusion, beautiful presentation, this is a classic of magic. Thank you for sharing that poetic performance.


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