Pantages Retrospective: Part 5

Well, the lights have turned on, the show is over, and it’s time to leave the theater doors, and venture back out into the dreaded real world. I can only imagine this is how audiences must have felt at the end of each Pantages “World of Magic” show, but what a high they must have all been on!

While I couldn’t recreate the actual show, I hope this retrospective of items from it brought back fond memories for people that were there, and piqued interest for those that weren’t. Stage shows are pretty finite and temporary, and unless they were recorded all you have are stories and personal accounts to go on. 

Well, as with all things Doug there’s always more to go on than that. That’s why the 1981 Pantages shows have a sort of mythic quality surrounding them for the the theater itself, and this crazy, cooky town called Los Angeles. 

Enjoy these last items!

Special Thanks to Mark Willoughby and John Cox

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