“The Muppet Show” and Doug on Disney Plus!

In an unexpected announcement, Disney confirmed this morning that all five seasons of Jim Henson’s legendary “Muppet Show” will be released on its streaming service Disney Plus.

Premiering on February 19th, the release will see seasons 4 and 5 finally seeing the light of day. Both have never been released on DVD, and have been largely unseen officially in over 20 years. 

As you guessed it, Doug’s episode was in season 4. So, this is a big boon for Doug fans hoping for a remastered version of this classic episode. Up to this point, all that was available were bootlegs and grainy clips on You Tube. 

To whet your appetite, here’s a grainy clip from You Tube that we’ve all seen before. But, man does it still hold up. 

Here’s to Doug Henning and the Muppets!

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