Doug and Mars at the Magic Castle-Genii Magazine (Feb.1970)

Originally appearing in the February 1970 issue of Genii, this article was from the era when Doug would frequently travel between McMaster College in Toronto to perform at the Magic Castle.

His girlfriend and assistant, Mars Barrick, is seen by his side decked out in timely hippie garb. Mars was an important part of Doug’s early career at the time, and was there for many of the formative moments that made Doug, well, Doug.  She’s also featured prominently in the CBC documentary on Doug, “Telescope,” from 1972. 

Surprisingly, we also get to see a side of Doug not often seen…clean shaven and in more formal wear. Obviously, things would change over the years, and Doug would let his hair down so to speak.

The joy in both their faces speaks volumes to how happy they were to be performing at the Castle. As the article says, “Keep your eyes on this lad for great things in the years to come!” 

Special Thanks to Max Maven

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