Houdini’s Magic Magazine-Magical Menagerie Article (December, 1977)

Today’s article was loaned to me by Joe Fox who was kind enough to meet me in front of Canter’s on Fairfax…socially distanced and masked of course. 

While Doug isn’t featured in the article, it has some great and very rare photos of him with his co-stars Jadoo, the tiger, and Nikia, the owl. Both of which appeared, respectively in “The Magic Show” and the first “World of Magic.”

Doug’s love of animals was prominent in his youth and into his career. For the most part, the animals seemed to like him as well. Minus the occasional tiger or tigers escaping… or unexpectedly holding his neck in their mouth. But, those are stories for another time. 

So, until then enjoy this article. As well as the feathery and furry creatures within it. 

Special Thanks to Joe Fox

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