Autographs: From Doug to Dunninger!

Michael Whitecar

This autograph comes from the collection of Michael Whitecar and features what can be called a true meeting of the magical minds!

Joseph Dunninger (1892-1975), was not only a popular magician of his time, but a master debunker of fraudulent spiritualists and mediums. A friend of Houdini, Dunninger spent a good part of his life fighting a crusade against those who prayed on the innocent. As he himself said:

“Through all these long years, I have sought good honest ghosts, phantoms, spirits, astral beings, banshees, fays, wee folk, apparitions, fetches—the whole pack and passel of the unsubstantial world—and I have always been able to prove them frauds.”

And somewhere on his long journey, he met up with Doug to see “The Magic Show.”

Special Thanks to Michael Whitecar

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  1. Michael Healy says:

    Remember that Dunninger’s name was in the opening number of The Magic Show. “And here’s to Dunninger, Houdini and Doug the magic man …”

    Michael Healy

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