Fickle Nickel Juke Box Song Titles

The above pictures come from the collection of Joe Long. I’m sure it doesn’t take much guessing to see that these are “actual” song options used for the Fickle Nickel jukebox. 

Not featured in my clip from yesterday, the finale of the illusion involved Doug taking the jumbo half prop coin and inserting it into a nearby jukebox. After a few spins, Bill Cosby emerges to be Doug’s co-host for the evening. But, you didn’t need me to tell you that. 

The fact that “songs” were put in as an inside joke only adds to the fun even more. Eagle-eyed readers will see familiar names in magic such as Owen Supreme, Alan Zagorsky, and Glenn Priest belting out songs such as “Saw Me A Dream Girl” and “Dream It and We’ll Build It!”

Special Thanks to Joe Long

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