“Houdini’s Magic Magazine” Mystery

For all intents and purposes there shouldn’t be a mystery surrounding this January, 1978 issue of “Houdini’s Mystery Magazine.” 

I recently purchased this issue off of EBay for many reasons. The number one reason, of course, is for the cover and article previewing Doug’s upcoming “World of Magic” special. However, as I began to flip through the issue itself one glaring fact became obvious. There is no article on Doug inside the magazine. 

Yes I’ve counted and checked all the pages, and have gone through the issue many, many times to no avail. So, if anybody out there knows if there was ever a Doug article in this particular issue I’d love to actually post it. 

Until then, enjoy the cover and the magazine’s  recommendation from Santa Claus!

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  1. Lanny Kibbey says:

    I got my copy new from the stands at the time paged through it ten times looking for the article. There was not one then ether.


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