Doug’s Muppet Show Shoes

In terms of the Muppets, characters have come and gone over their rich 65 year history. However, if you’re looking for one of the most obscure creatures to ever grace “The Muppet Show” stage, then look no further than Doug’s shoes.

These bug eyed creations were featured at the opening of his episode where he gleefully tells Scooter “Well, I thank you, and my magic feets thank you.” As the camera pans down, Doug’s magic “feet” bask in the adoration. 

Now the question that I’ve always had is where are these simple but effective puppets today? If you thought with the Jim Henson Company think again. Collector Pesci Sutta recently sent me a posting from his Facebook page shedding light on their current whereabouts:


If John Houdi would care to elaborate how he got these priceless pieces of Doug and Muppet history, I’d love to hear it!

Special Thanks to Pesci Sutta

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