“World’s Greatest Magic” Book

While cleaning out my storage space recently, I came across this book in a long forgotten box of miscellaneous magicana.

Written by Hyla M. Clark and with photos by Paul Levin, “The World’s Greatest Magic” is a who’s who of magic stars from the late 1970s. Houdini, Doug, Copperfield, Randi, Tomsoni, Shimada…everyone gets their just due in the pages of this impressive photo book.

For me personally, it was this book and “Houdini: His Life and His Magic” that really introduced me to the world of Doug Henning. I have no idea if that little used book store in Chicago is still there where I purchased them as a teenager. But, my sincere and undying thanks to them nonetheless. 




To be Continued Tomorrow….

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  1. Yep, this was a formative book for me as well. Still have my copy right here.

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  2. bhlumley says:

    These photos of Doug were taken during his first Illusion or Reality tour in early 1976.


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