Fisher Theater Tour Program





Doug fan Doug Gary Killops recently sent me this vintage program and related this encounter with Doug after the show:

“Going through a few old boxes and came across this Doug Henning program. I got it when I saw his show in Detroit at the Fisher Theatre, which must have been in the early 1980s. I remember that day, how excited I was to see Doug Henning’s magic show live.

I stayed after the show and found out that Doug and Debbie would meet us by the backstage door to sign autographs. That is where I got this pamphlet signed by Doug. His manager came out first and told us that we were not to try and shake Doug’s hand. I recall the manager saying this because in the past some people had tried to squeeze Doug’s hand too hard when shaking. He needed those hands healthy for the close-up magic.

What an experience this was seeing Doug’s magic show and meeting him after the show.”

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