Doug’s Milligan Place NYC Apartment

On a recent trip to NYC I happened to be in Greenwich Village, and took the time to visit what once was the apartment of one Mr. Doug Henning. Not just any apartment mind you, but the one he occupied during his time at “The Magic Show” with his first wife Barbara DeAngelis.  


As the website “Forgotten New York” explains, the little cul-de-sac of apartments known as “Milligan Place” has had a rich history: 

Seemingly straight out of a 1930s Berenice Abbott photo, oddly angled Milligan Place fronts on Sixth Avenue between West 10th and 11th. Named for original property owner Samuel Milligan…Among the former distinguished residents of Milligan Place was the famed playwright Eugene O’Neill.  



And as Barbara DeAngelis explained in John Harrison’s book “Spellbound:”

“We were spiritual flower children living in his little loft. We weren’t thinking about making money, it was all about the art.”


So, let’s give a toast to Milligan Place and the free wheeling 1970s!

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  1. John Cox says:

    Wow, what a little paradise. I can only imagine how much these rent for now


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