Solid Silver Platform Shoes-The Magic Show

Hey it’s a Saturday, and why not a little musical selection from “The Magic Show” to brighten that weekend glow?

By the way, I apologize for the lack of posts this week. My freelance design job has been busy, and it’s not always easy to balance the two. But fear not, posts will keep coming as I can do them!

Until next time, fire up that You Tube clip won’t you?

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  1. bhlumley says:

    Doug’s favourite stage foot ware were his calf height, zipper up the back, solid silver boots with 2″ high platforms and 4″ heels, that he wore in Spellbound. These did not fit Grover’s image of him and was a bit of a conundrum until Steven made the compromise with this song.

    The storage area in NYC where Spellbound’s costumes were stored was broken into and robbed in late 1974. His silver platform boots and several of the show’s costumes were taken.


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