Candada 150: Doug Pop Art Portrait!

IMG_3D7C975100A5-1 2

The above art is called “Jumpsuits and Mullets,” and was made in conjunction with 2017’s “Canada 150” celebration . This year long event commemorated, you guessed it, Canada’s 150th birthday. The work itself is  acrylic on wood panel and, if you’re like me, it’s now your wallpaper on your smart phone. 

The artist, Dan Springer, explains his inspiration:

The late 70’s early 80’s was a weird time for TV… before cable came on the scene Variety Shows reigned supreme… and during that time you couldn’t turn on a show without seeing diminutive ball of magic energy Doug Henning wearing a crazy outfit doing some trick that would blow your mind. Not only did Henning guest on variety shows… he even had his own magic specials on television AND a magic based musical on Broadway that even received a Tony nomination.

What really stuck out about Henning to me was that he was so excited to show people magic… most magicians were mysterious, brooding guys but Henning ran around and chatted with the audience with his big goofy teeth and crazy hair and crazy sparkly jumpsuits. He was a like a little kid that just learned a trick and wanted to show everyone.

For more information on Dan Springer’s art please visit: HERE

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