“World of Magic IV” Unseen Photos: Final Part

They say all good things must come to an end, and today’s post is no exception. Yes, dear readers, we’ve come to the end (for now) of Dave Collier’s impressive collection of never before seen photos from the first four “World of Magic” specials. It’s been a real honor and treat for me to be able to share these with everyone. Not only are they a slice of Doug’s history, but of magic history as a whole.

In a world of online streaming, today’s viewing public has little to no idea of how much of an event these live specials were. While that is indeed a shame, the specials themselves exist and will always be there for occasions when we want a little “magic and wonder” in our lives!

Doug, Tome Bosley, and Brooke Shields
Viewing Party?
Doug, Ivan Reitman, Barbara DeAngelis, and Friends

Special Thanks to Dave Collier and Bill Goodwin

These and future photographs are copyrighted by Dave Collier. Any usage of them outside of this website, without his or The Magic Castle Library’s permission, will be considered an infringement of their use. 

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