“World of Magic III” Unseen Photos: Part Four

1977 was a good year for wasn’t it? Besides being the year of my birth, it featured Doug’s walking through a wall illusion. Done in a blink and you’ll miss it fashion, this illusion still has the ability to grab us 42 years later. How did he do it? Well, that my friends is magic. 

The last photo is another wrap party picture. Doug is beside his first wife Barbara DeAngeles. I’ve always thought of this period in Doug’s life as more fun and less complex. The spark was still in his eye, and magic was still at the forefront of his life. At least for a little while longer…

Wall Through Wall 1
Walk Through Wall 2
Doug and Barbara DeAngelis

Special Thanks to Dave Collier and Bill Goodwin

These and future photographs are copyrighted by Dave Collier. Any usage of them outside of this website, without his or The Magic Castle Library’s permission, will be considered an infringement of their use. 

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