Final Tonight Show Appearance Clip?

The above clip recently appeared on the excellent You Tube channel “Sleight of Direction,” and is quite possibly Doug’s final appearance on “The Tonight Show.” It really has something for everyone, and moves seamlessly from smaller to medium sized magic in a  fun and breezy way. 

While I don’t have a list of all of his times with Johnny,  Doug wears the same outfit on Joan Rivers’s failed Fox talk show “The Late Show.” That program aired from 1986-1987, so you could squarely place this “Tonight Show” outing within that timeframe. For those interested, the Joan Rivers clip can be found in a past posting featured: HERE

The late 80s were a time of transition for Doug, but it’s nice to know that even with the changes about to happen in his professional career, he returned to his roots on “The Tonight Show.”



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