Doug Henning and Learning How to Fly

It’s not a big secret that Doug Henning was really into Transcendental Meditation. REALLY into it. He was into it so much, that he devoted himself and his energies 1000% to the mysterious calming practice and organization. Magic was an after thought for him, and one that he soon left behind around 1987. 

For good or bad, at this point not many people knew what Doug was up to or even where he really was. Rumors began to swirl that he had lost his mind, and was teaching himself how to fly based on TM principles, and that this flying would bring about world peace. Unfortunately, the tabloid article below only served to fan the flames even more.


What do I think? Well, that’s not really up to me to say. Doug was a great believer in life itself, and was constantly seeking an inner light. While we may not agree with his actions or his career path, it certainly defined Doug’s story in a way that no other magician has had before or since. 

Special Thanks to Michael Whitecar

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