Genii “Goodbye Doug” Tribute Issue (Jim Steinmeyer Article)

When Doug died in February, 2000 there was naturally an upsurge of emotion within the magic community. So much so, that two tribute issues were put out in “Genii” and “Magic” magazines respectively.

While it’s always hard to sum up someone’s life work in article form, both did an excellent job in spotlighting his impact on modern entertainment as a whole. So, over the next couple weeks I will be reprinting both issues in full, as they are not often read today as much as they should be. 

Our first part is an excellent article written by illusion designer extraordinaire and “Magic Castle” president Jim Steinmeyer. Enjoy!

Magic Covermagic-page-2.jpg

Magic Page 3

Magic Page 4

Magic Page 5

Magic Page 6

Magic Page 7

Magic Page 8

Magic Page 9

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