Doug Henning and Season 4 of “The Muppet Show”


Doug’s appearance on Jim Henson’s iconic program “The Muppet Show” is a bit of an enigma. Sure there are some great clips from it that exist on You Tube (which have been shown here), but it’s not widely available for viewing or for purchase.

This is mainly due to the fact that Disney (who owns the Muppets and the show itself), only released the first three seasons of five on DVD. Speculation abounds as to why such a legendary program’s last two seasons remain unreleased. But, the most logical explanation is pesky rights issues having to do with songs within the shows themselves. So, as Doug’s episode was in Season 4, all we had were fond and cherished memories.

However, all is not lost dear readers. Here’s what I’m going to do for you. I’m just going paste a link here, and what you do with it isn’t my concern. What that link isn’t for me to say. But, all I will say this…Have a Muppetational Day!

A Certain Show with Puppets and Doug Henning


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