Grover Dale: Final Thoughts on Doug

Special thanks to Grover Dale for adding this exclusive comment to “The Doug Henning Project” to cap off a great week of memories. 

Doug Lady IN Half

‘Surrounded by Broadway pros, Doug Henning not only grew as an illusionist.

He grew as an actor, performer, and human being.  He caught the ball and ran with it. Witnessing his exceptional growth throughout “The Magic Show” years was a rare and joyous experience for me.

– GROVER DALE, Director/choreographer

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  1. bhlumley says:

    Doug thought he wanted to enter the rock and roll world of high heeled shoes, sparkles and glitz. Grover showed him the real side of himself he should introduce to the world. It was a wake-up call for Doug to believe in himself.
    Thank you Grover; you and your wonderfully magnificent Anita stoked his furnace with amazing fuel.


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