Grand Illusions: Doug Segment

The above clip comes courtesy of Scott Wells of “The Magic Word Podcast.”

It’s a brisk eight-minute biography of Doug from the 1998 multi-part documentary “Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic.” The segment itself is a an enjoyable jaunt through Doug life and career with commentary from such magic notables as Charles Reynolds, Jim Steinmeyer, Johnny Thompson, and more. 

If you’re ever interested in watching the documentary as a whole, there is this wonderful thing called You Tube where all dreams are scientifically proven to come true!

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  1. Michael Pascoe says:

    Wonderful documentary. Brings me back to the time that I first saw him on TV. I think it was on Mike Douglas or Tom Snyder. Great memories.


  2. daviddellman1 says:

    Every time I try to leave  a comment I am prompted to log in to my Word Press AccountI’d rather not do thatBut I love every post you have made Please keep up the good work 

    David Dellman Magician, Mentalist, Speaker, Writer3 Shaston CourtCockeysville, MD 210301-410-667-1455

    “So much has been given to me; I have no time to ponder over that which has been denied.”

     – Helen Keller



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