Ricky Jay Tribute

I’m sure the majority of you heard the sad news of Ricky Jay’s passing over the weekend. Jay’s contribution to the art of close up magic is immeasurable, and his loss to the art form will be felt for some time. 

While Doug and Ricky weren’t alike on the surface, both shared an innate appreciation and love of magic history, sleight of hand, and Dai Vernon. Both were trained under the venerable and cantankerous old master, and were always indebted to what he gave to their respective careers. 

The clip from “World of Magic II” above has been shown on the site before. However, I feel no one will argue it’s worth a revisit. So, flex your fingers and shuffle that deck. This is Ricky Jay. 

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  1. Brian Lumley says:

    I met Ricky Jay at Doug’s apartment late one night in NYC. It was a night of magicians, there must have been fifteen or so from Europe and the US. They had performed a magic variety night at a magic awards show. and Doug had invited us all back to his place; where they all broke loose. Flip, the Dutch magician, was juggling everything on the coffee table. Zombies of all types appeared, played, danced and disappeared right before our eyes.
    I could not believe the amount of cards flying everywhere in his house. Every magician was in on it. The in air card antics were hilarious and astounding. Flying, flipping, catching, knocking each other’s cards out of position and every once in a while a deck would just flutter through the air as somebody lost control.
    Ricky Jay was front and center of it all; raising the bar with each challenger, Doug included. Everybody got a workout that night. Ricky topped it off by slicing up a banana on the other side of the room with flying whirling cards. Calling each card as he threw it.
    The world loses another great magical entertainer with his passing. I lose another friend.

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