Steve Cohen Remembers


Steve Cohen of  “Chamber Magic” at “The Lotte New York Palace” reached out to me recently with his fond remembrance of the profound impact Doug had on him at a young age. Take it away Steve!

“Hi Neil,

I was going through some old files and found an autographed Doug Henning photo from the early 1980s. I was highly inspired by Doug Henning when I started in magic, and at age 11 I wrote to him for an autograph. He sent me this signed tiger photo (personally inscribed to me, which was mind blowing as a boy!) and a few others that I cannot locate.

My parents took me to see Merlin (Mark Hellinger Theater) on February 23, 1983, and Doug Henning’s World of Magic (Lunt-Fontanne Theatre) on December 22, 1984. I will always remember, in Merlin, seeing the Mascot Moth in person. It was as magical an effect as you could ever imagine. Like true wizardry.

Thanks Steve for sharing such a wonderful picture, and reminding us how cheap Broadway ticket prices used to be!

For more information on Steve Cohen’s “Chamber Magic” please click: Here

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