Pantages Performance Memorabilia!


The above item comes from the collection of  John Cox (Wild About Harry), and gives us a glimpse of the promotion and ticketing of Doug’s 1981 performances at the Pantages.

John himself was at one of these shows,  and as he told “The Doug Henning Project” last year:

“It was amazing. I wish I had better recollections of it. It was the first time I ever had been to the Pantages which is an incredible theater. I remember there he was, there was Doug Henning walking out…and everything he did I had seen previously in specials…I’m sure he did “Things that Go Bump in the Night.” He started with his close-up, so it was very much these are his greatest hits…

However, the thing I remember the most was something that I had never seen which was the vanishing and reappearing motorcycle. That was a mind-blower. The motorcycle raises up and disappears…but what I didn’t expect was that it reappears in a box behind the audience…which I hadn’t even noticed that there was a box there until it broke open and there’s Doug who, I think, rode the motorcycle down onto the stage…I don’t think I had seen an illusion of that scale before…That was the thing that has stayed with me the most.”


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