Jim Henson’s Diary Entry for “The Muppet Show”

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 10.10.45 AMJIm's Red Book 1Jim's Red Book 2

Jim’s Henson’s “Red Book” was a frequent log/diary he used to highlight notable events and happenings in his busy and creative life. As you can tell from the above date, February 4, 1980 was no exception. For this was the date that production began on Doug Henning’s episode of “The Muppet Show.”

I’ve written before about Doug’s time on this now legendary variety show. However, this entry is unique because it comes from a section of The Jim Henson Company’s website called, appropriately, “Jim’s Red Book.” I found it fascinating to read Doug’s thoughts on working with the Muppets, and he and Jim Henson’s interest in TM and the struggle of mounting mutual Broadway shows. 

If it already couldn’t be any better, enjoy the phenomenal art for the monsters that assisted Doug during one of his segments on the show. 

To read more about Jim Henson’s Red Book please visit: https://www.henson.com/jimsredbook/


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