“World of Magic 4” Props For Sale



Welcome back everyone! Are we all rested from the long holiday? I know I am. Now down to business. 

Collector Steve Sprague recently contacted me in hopes of selling a prop from the “World of Magic 4” special starring Brooke Shields and Tom Bosley. So, rather than hearing from me about it, I’ll let Steve take it away!

Doug Henning Authentic Props

Here’s a rare opportunity to own a unique piece of magic history. The red front curtain with hand painted dragon and two decoratave wooden dragon cutouts from the top corners of the illusion in which Doug Henning exchanged places with Brook Shields.

This was a “one of a kind” illusion built by Johnny Gaughan for Doug Henning’s 4th television special that aired live on NBC, December 14, 1978. These rare pieces are from the estate of magician Lee Edwards. My brother Lee Edwards and I bought several illusions at the auction of Dougs  props  in 1988 and we personally removed these pieces from the illusion  as it was scheduled to be destroyed.This was a television prop designed to be used one time only so the plywood dragon cutouts are not “filled” and finished beautifully. The fronts are in the original condition and the backs have black felt and a hanging bracket added.The front curtain is in the original condition. The front curtain measures 48″wide  x 71 1/2″ tall and the dragon corner cutouts measure 31 1/2″ x 31 1/2″x 1/2″ each.

This special , including the chinese exchange illusion, can be viewed on youtube.com : VTS 01 1 NBC doug henning world of magic Egypt.  (A notarized copy of the above description will be included as authentication) https://youtu.be/sYD1lIcrQrI

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Interested parties can contact Steve directly at stevenesprague@hotmail.com or call him at 402-204-6470.




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