Tenyo Magic Kit From The Collection of Michael Grandinetti

For a while now I’ve been wanting to feature the Tenyo Magic Kit that Doug developed with the, surprise, Tenyo Company out of Japan. Doug at the time was trying to branch out from stage shows and television specials by branding his name and putting them on quality products.

Thanks to magician Michael Grandinetti a little bit of the old magic can be resurrected. Michael  has generously shared several items from his collection that give us a glimpse of individual illusions and what was produced kit wise. Ladies and gentlemen I give you:

Doug Henning Tenyo Magic Set Box Cover - Michael Grandinetti Collection
Concept Cover Art

Doug Henning Tenyo Wonder Window - Michael Grandinetti Collection

This particular trick is called the “Wonder Window.” In it, a playing card would effortlessly pass through a piece of clear plastic. As Michael himself said “The principle and engineering involved was so good, it actually felt like magic when you performed it!”

Doug Henning with Tenyo Executives - Michael Grandinetti Collection

However, it was this photo that really got my attention. Here we see Doug at a dinner with the executives of Tenyo. Where and when it was taken I’m not sure, but its casual and candid nature really make it a standout piece. Besides, I really love Doug’s sweater in this!

A big thank you to Michael for sending these items over to me. For more info visit: http://www.michaelgrandinetti.com


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