Julie Newmar “World of Magic” Costume For Sale

Hello All and Happy Monday!

I have a bit of a treat today as I’ve agreed to help magician Paul Driscoll sell the actual costume that Julie Newmar wore in Doug’s first “World of Magic” 1975 special. If you are interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind item please contact Paul directly as he owns it. I’m just the “magical” messenger you might say. 

For Sale: From the very first landmark “Doug Henning’s World of Magic” in 1975, here is the costume that guest star Julie Newmar wore.  Ms. Newmar wore the costume in the Shadow Box Illusion and the Okito Cutting In Thirds Illusion, in which Bill Cosby assisted.  I purchased the costume at the auction conducted at Doug’s Santa Monica warehouse facility.  The costume has never been cleaned or worn since Ms. Newmar wore it.  Her name is written in the costume.  The costume is in excellent condition.  Interested parties may contact me at pauldriscoll@live.com.  I have current detailed photos of the costume available.

Julie and DHJulie Newmar from Henning special close up


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